Transnational project


SAMNIC is a transnational project, funded under the EU Erasmus+ Programme, to develop and implement a MOOC – a Massive Open Online Course – on the Safety Assessment and Management for New and Innovative Children’s Products. The MOOC is targeted principally at industry (especially SMEs) and consumer organisations.

In addition to training, this innovative tool will provide an interactive forum for users, through which they will be able to share experiences and engage in collaborative learning.

This will lead to the creation of the SAMNIC Community, a multidisciplinary group of professionals from consumer organizations, industry, research centres, universities and enforcement authorities among others.

The SAMNIC MOOC is expected to be ready in August 2016 and will be available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech and Portuguese. It will be accessible through PCs, tablets or smartphones.

MOOCs are the most innovative tools for online training, and allow for unlimited and free participation through the Internet. The most prestigious universities in the world -including Harvard and Stanford- have started to use MOOCs for training in different fields.

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