ONLINE, free course on the safety of children’s products

Taught by reputed experts in the field and open to all

WEB 2.0

Uses ‘web 2.0’ collaborative working tools.

365 DAYS

Available 365 days/year, accessible through PCs, tablets and mobile phones.


Available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Czech and Portuguese.


From September 2016, the first edition of SAMNIC MOOC, on evaluation and management of the safety of children’s products, will be available for free to professionals in the field:


  • Technicians in the industry (quality, product designers)
  • People responsible for purchasing
  • Staff in the technical departments of SMEs
  • Business associations
  • Staff working in consumer associations
  • Technical staff in standardisation institutions
  • Members of standardisation technical committees
  • Consultants

SAMNIC MOOC is also for:

  • Consumer authorities (market control, customs)
  • Health professionals (paediatricians, nurses)
  • Crèche and Kindergarten managers
  • Trainers on the safety of children’s products
  • Local authorities (town councils) in charge of playgrounds
  • Child Health Education professionals

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