Third meeting of Project SAMNIC

Progress in the definition of competencies

Last 26th May, the follow-up meeting of the Erasmus+ European project “Training on Safety Assessment and Management for New and Innovative Children’s Products” was held in Brussels (Belgium).

The meeting, organised by the European Association for the Coordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation (ANEC), located in Brussels, had the main objective of defining the competencies that users will acquire throughout the course. SAMNIC MOOC aims to develop three basic competencies in students that allow them to

  1. understand the importance of safety in children’s products
  2. get to know the basics of the risk analysis process in a child use article.
  3. get to know the applicable European regulations and standards to children’s products

These specific competencies encompass, among others, the ability to evaluate technical documentation for a children’s product, the ability to identify the main hazards of a product or the ability to estimate severe risks related to the use of a children’s article, given its characteristics and the child’s behaviour and environment.


Next meeting in Brussels

Next 26th May, the third meeting of project SAMNIC will take place in Brussels, whose main objective will be to establish the guidelines for the recording of videos included in this MOOC, as well as the activities of the course and evaluation tests of what users have learnt. The meeting, which will be organised by ANEC, will count on the participation of all partners and will enable them to start the video recording and the creation of educational material.

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